The Carving Board offers specialized training programs, consistent menu updates, new products and recipes, and continuous support for all our franchisees. We also assist in sourcing local ingredients to keep down costs and maximize profits which adds to the flavor and uniqueness we have to offer throughout our menu offerings. The Carving Board strives to implement the latest technology, operating systems and business modelling to enhance the guest experience, manage costs and drive a strong bottom line to the business model.


The Carving Board marketing team, branding and value proposition are structured to support you building your customer base quickly, efficiently and effectively.


The Carving Board has a top tier design team that not only will build a beautiful restaurant but make sure it uses all available space and has optimal workflow.

Food & Product

Together, as franchisees and corporate run stores, we have the ability to leverage buying power for products, supplies, and equipment. Highest quality ingredients at a reasonable price come from a great partnership with our suppliers. We all win by working together as a team.


The Carving Board management team will be working alongside you and your staff to provide the support, guidance and coaching needed to build your business and effectively duplicate The Carving Board business model.

The Carving Board has invested in the best operating systems, POS technology, scheduling and financial management systems. Ongoing research and development is also a priority, which will stream down to each franchise store. You will not only be joining The Carving board business but also our family
For more information on the Carving Board Franchise Support and Training Models, Contact Us: