11. What is the Typical Franchise Process
22. How much is the initial investment to open a Carving Board Franchise?
a. Franchisees must invest between $314,500 to $621,500 to open a franchise location of The Carving Board. This range incorporates a franchise fee, working capital and all necessary expenses associated with opening. More detail can be found in the Carving Board FDD Item 7.
33. How large is a Carving Board Franchise Territory?
a. Territories will be defined based on the market, the demographics and how much of an opportunity exists in your area. We will support you in analyzing the market and understanding where to place your location within your territory. Generally, territories will consist of 50,000 to 100,000 population base.
44. What does the typical customer spend at a Carving Board location per visit?
a. The average ticket is around $15 per customer providing amazing value for the quality of the food product we serve.
55. Who makes the ideal candidate for a franchisee of The Carving Board?
a. A great franchise candidate for The Carving Board is not necessarily just someone who has food experience, although that could be a plus. The company is looking for people who are driven, willing to commit to the brand and want to be part of something bigger. Franchisees need the necessary capital to open a location, the willingness to learn and the ability to follow a proven system.
66. What are the next steps to investing in a Carving Board Franchise?
A. First, you should fill out the contact form below!
B. Then, one of our franchise consultants will contact you to review the business and introduce The Carving Board franchise model in more detail.
C. You then will be required to fill out a franchise application form and tell us about your work history and background in business.
D. Following the application, you would meet one of the management team members to discuss the business, your plans and how The Carving Board might fit into your future.
E. Then come to see us! Try the food, experience the locations and get to know The Carving Board.
F. Review the FDD.
G. Sign and Execute – begin training!
77. What is the Typical Size of a Carving Board Restaurant?
a. Locations will vary depending on the structure of the building they are located in. Potentially, non-traditional locations could be much smaller and stand-alone buildings could be larger, but the average Carving Board franchise will be 1,600 to 2,500 square feet in size.
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